Dado with basmala (type 14a)

Dado carved in bas-relief (type 14a). This type is represented by one specimen. The decoration is composed of three horizontal sections: the upper section consists of an epigraphic band in foliated Kufic, the middle section of a sequence of interlaced trilobated arches, and the lower section of a sequence of two interlaced and rolled up half-palmettes. The band of trilobated arches meets at an angle of 140°. They are set against a vegetal pattern of interlaced half-palmettes and fleur-de-lis (more complex than in dado type 14).

The height of the panel is 74 cm, its width is 57.5 cm; its thickness is 5.5 cm.

The artifact was excavated in the Ghaznavid palace (the excavation occurred in the late 1950s-1960s).

Type 14a differs from dadoes types 14 and 14b for the style of the inscription, the arches and the vegetal pattern.



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