2017, 11th September

We express our deep sorrow for the disappearance of Nancy Hatch Dupree, a long time Director of the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University and passionate advocate of Afghanistan’s heritage.

We also want to express the deepest gratitude for the attention she has always addressed to the activities of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan.

Her extraordinary dedication to Afghanistan will be not forgotten.


November 2014

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Director of the Afghan Institute of Archaeology, Mr. Abdul Qadir Temori, the Field Director Mr. Zafar Paiman,  and the Director of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Afghanistan, Mrs. Anna Filigenzi, set forth the intentions for increased collaboration and cooperation.

The parties agreed to undertake specific joint projects aimed at expanding knowledge on the Afghan cultural history of the 1st millennium CE. Common actions are envisaged in order to promote field activities as well as theoretical studies, according to a flexible agenda that will be adapted to circumstances.

As a first step, a programme targeted at cross-comparison of data and mutual support for field activities (with particular regard to Tapa Sardar, Tepe Narenj and Qol-e Tut) has been established.